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George Maggirias
February 9, 2021

With the 2020-2021 NFL season coming to an end, it was once again football fans' favorite time of year, Super Bowl Sunday. This past Sunday, February 7th, 2021, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs took on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa Bay, Florida, for Super Bowl LV. For the first time ever, an NFL team had homefield advantage in a Super Bowl, marking a special moment in NFL history. Super Bowl LV was also 43-year-old quarterback Tom Brady's 10th Super Bowl. Going into the game, Brady had a record of 6-3 in Super Bowl appearances. He was victorious over the St. Louis Rams (Now Los Angeles Rams) in 2002, the Carolina Panthers in 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005, the Seattle Seahawks in 2015, the Atlanta Falcons in 2017, and the Los Angeles Rams in 2019. Brady also had losses to the New York Giants in 2008 and 2012 and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. With the Chiefs looking to secure their second consecutive Super Bowl ring and beat the greatest of all time, Tom Brady, Super Bowl LV was guaranteed to be an all-out battle between two behemoths, and the champion would forever be remembered in the history books.

The game began with Kansas winning the coin toss with heads and allowing Tampa Bay to receive the ball. On the 1st drives of the game, neither team was successful at scoring, and after a short part of the 1st Quarter, and punts going back and forth between the Chiefs and Bucs, the Kansas City Chiefs scored a 49-yard field goal on a 4th Down play and made the score 3 - 0. In the next play, the Buccaneers started with the ball on the 25-yard line. After multiple runs by Leonard Fournette, a holding call on the Chiefs defense, an Antonio Brown catch, and a few other successful plays, the Bucs found themselves within 10 yards of the endzone. The next play, Tom Brady located an open Rob Gronkowski, who ran the ball into the end zone for the 1st touchdown of Super Bowl LV. Bucs kicker Ryan Succop scored the PAT, and the Bucs led 7 - 3. Following this, the Chiefs received the ball at the 37-yard line and attempted to regain their lead. Patrick Mahomes was unsuccessful at completing any significant passes, and this resulted in the ball being punted back to the Bucs. After receiving the ball, Tom Brady made his way downfield with help from Ronald Jones's rushes and a 31 yard gain by Mike Evans that placed the Bucs within the Chiefs red zone. On 1st and goal for the Buccaneers, Ronald Jones ran the ball for a few yards and put the Bucs within 5 yards of a touchdown on 2nd and goal. An incomplete Brady pass made it 3rd and Goal for the Buccaneers, and after an unsuccessful play, it was 4th and Goal. On this play, Brady handed the ball off to Jones, who almost ran the ball for a near touchdown. Jones was stopped inches short of a touchdown by the Chiefs wall, and the Chiefs regained possession at the 1-yard line. After yet another unsuccessful drive by Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs punted the ball back to the Buccaneers, who scored a 40-yard field goal on the drive, making the score 10 - 3 for the Bucs. After the field goal, there was a flag on the play because of an offside, which resulted in a 1st Down, and the kick not counting. In the next play, Brady threw a short pass for another Gronkowski touchdown. Ryan Succop made the PAT, and the Buccaneers led 14 - 3 with 6:05 left in the 1st Half. On the next drive, the Chiefs finally started to make something happen, and they scored a 34-yard field goal thanks to kicker Harrison Butker. Butker made the score 14 - 6, with 1:01 left in the 1st Half. After receiving the ball, the Buccaneers moved down to the Chiefs' half, and after a pass interference call, the Buccaneers were only a few yards away from scoring another touchdown and extending their lead in the game. Tom Brady delivered once again by throwing a quick pass to Antonio Brown, who scored another Bucs touchdown. Kicker Ryan Succop scored another PAT and extended the score to 21 - 6. With 6 seconds left, the Chiefs received the ball but didn't have enough time to make anything happen. The clock wounded down, and the 1st Half had ended. After a phenomenal performance by Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and the rest of the team, the Buccaneers were victorious in the 1st Half with a score of 21 - 6.

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To start the 2nd Half, the Chiefs received the ball, and they advanced downfield thanks to multiple rushes by rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. After an unsuccessful attempt at scoring a touchdown, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker scored a 52-yard field goal and shortened the score to 21 - 9 with the Bucs still ahead. The Bucs received the ball, and after a short run, they were stopped at the 26-yard line. A handoff to Fournette for 3 yards, followed by a quick pass to Antonio Brown, and other advances from Tom Brady, placed the Buccaneers within 30 yards of the endzone. Tom Brady then handed the ball off to Leonard Fournette, who effortlessly ran the ball into the end zone. Ryan Succop scored yet another PAT, further extending the score to 28 - 9. On the next drive, specifically on 3rd and 14, Patrick Mahomes threw a pass that was picked off by Bucs safety Antoine Winfield Jr. On this drive, the Bucs gained 3 points via a 52-yard field goal from Ryan Succop, which made the score 31 - 9. After the Buccaneers' field goal, the Chiefs were unsuccessful at scoring any touchdowns, and the game was ended by Tom Brady kneeling the ball to run the clock out. The clock hit zero, and for the second time in franchise history, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were victorious over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

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After winning his 7th Super Bowl title, Tom Brady was crowned the Super Bowl LV MVP, adding this award to his other 4 Super Bowl MVP titles. Tom Brady finished the game with 21/29 passes completed, 201 yards, and 3 touchdowns. The future Hall of Fame quarterback threw 2 of touchdowns to long-time teammate Rob Gronkowski and one to Antonio Brown. The Buccaneers played astonishingly well with the pass rush on defense, holding Patrick Mahomes to only 26/49 completions in passing, 270 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. The 2021 Buccaneers team was nothing short of remarkable, and being able to see this team continue to play at an incredible level of greatness, would be nothing short of a reward.

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