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Seahawks Acquire Jamal Adams From Jets

Thomas Pocrnic
July 28, 2020

The New York Jets have traded star safety Jamal Adams to the Seahawks, reaping a massive haul in return which includes two first-round picks.

The full deal is as follows; the Seahawks receive Jamal Adams and a 2022 fourth round pick, in exchange for a 2021 and 2022 first round pick, a 2021 third round pick, and veteran safety Bradley McDougald.

The move comes as no surprise as Adams has been voicing his frustrations with the Jets organization, and publicly seeking a trade for months now. Just yesterday, Adams went as far as to say he believes Jets Head Coach Adams Gave is not the ‘right leader’ for the football team.

Adams, who is just 24, has already made two trips to the Pro Bowl and has received All-Pro honors, and will surely help anchor the Seahawks franchise towards capturing another Super Bowl title. The Seahawks have consistently been in the playoff mix, but have lacked star power since their days of the ‘Legion of Boom’. They will have high expectations that Jamal Adams can propel them further this season, after falling to the Packers in the NFC Divisional round a season ago.

Adams is under contract throughout the 2021 season, but wanted a large extension from the Jets before his current contract expired. However, the Seahawks were one of 7 teams that Adams stated he would play for without having to receive a contract extension. He’s slated to make $3.6M in 2020, and $9.9M in 2021. No doubt, a massive extension awaits him. 

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