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Raheem Mostert Requests a Trade from the 49ers

Owen Smith
July 8, 2020

Raheem Mostert has requested a trade from the San Francisco 49ers, after the two sides struggled to come to terms on an adjustment of Mostert's contract.

Before his breakout season, the 49ers locked him up on a 3 year $8.7 million dollar deal that would pay him a base salary of $2.575 million a season. However, Mostert feels as if he is not being compensated fairly for his contributions, as his agent announced he has requested to be traded this afternoon.


With 772 yards, and 8 touchdowns on 137 attempts, a NFC Championship as well as a Super Bowl appearance. Mostert had an incredible breakout year that no one was expecting. Under sophomore head coach Kyle Shannahan, Mostert fit the three-headed monster of a backfield like a glove, showing his skill as a truly elusive back. However, Mosert has been under-appreciated his entire career, bouncing around for several practice squads, and now is looking to be paid his worth. The 28 year old is entering a crowded market during a time where even the highest-paid experts don’t know what the season may look like. While it's perhaps too early to speculate, running back needy teams like Washington’s franchise, the Seahawks, or the Falcons could be the first to pounce and make offers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be another suitor, who are located only two hours from his home town in New Smyrna Beach, and currently said to be watching the running back market closely. No matter the team, expect Raheem to be a name that continues to create headlines in the coming weeks, and for him to be paid like he undoubtedly deserves. 

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