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July 17, 2020
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CTB Exclusive: A Look Inside Washington’s NFL Organization

Owen Smith
July 17, 2020

Recently on Twitter and other Networks, rumors have been swirling about an old Redskins running back by the name of Kapri Bibbs, and how he had sexual relations with Jay Gruden’s “Sidewoman”. On July 17th during a CTB Exclusive, Mr. Bibbs not only confirmed those reports, but also confirmed reports of other allegations flying around Washington's NFL franchise. This may not come as a surprise to many fans, as Washington has been a media hotspot as of late due to the Washington Post leading an investigation on the organization and finding evidence that over 15 women were sexually harassed and abused by high ranking staff members. The results of this investigation were less than breaking in Mr. Bibbs' eyes. He’d seen it before in that very building. “I know a woman who had a problem with (Dan), even some of the people in the building left because of all the sexual harassment.” “I’d be damned if I lied.” However sickening and upsetting the harassment of these women is, there is plenty, plenty more shadows in Washington's closet. Some of these shadows are so dark even Bibbs won’t shine a light on them, simply saying “there’s more.” However disappointing this is, Bibbs definitely didn’t leave us high and dry. “There’s truth to the rumors.” “I’m not the only person who fell victim”. 

Redskins fire coach Jay Gruden after 0-5 start – The Denver Post
Image VIa: Adam Hunger, AP

If you were waiting for a bombshell, here you go. Per Mr. Kapri Bibbs, Jay Gruden was having sexual relations with a woman at Redskins park. Mr. Kapri also shared a “small connection” with her, and when Jay found out, one hell of a storm followed: “I never thought that there would be a thing where I had to deal with another grown man, especially a head coach, surrounding a female," Bibbs said, “The main problem was that Washington was already rocky….. It was a bunch of guys running a team doing whatever they want to do…. they didn’t actually care about the team or anything like that.” He went on to include, “When you’re dealing with a head coach and playing time over a female…. it (turned into) a bad situation.” After the past couple of days, saying the situation in Washington is “rocky” is an understatement. It’s severally looked down upon in all NFL franchises to have sexual connections with fellow employees. Not only did this happen, but the person who supposedly committed the act was in fact, married. Mr. Bibbs acknowledges that too. “I look up to (Gruden). I thought he was a cool guy, a great guy. I did not think something so small, especially the situation at hand with him being a married man, I never thought I would deal with this because of a side woman. If I was messing with wifey, by all means, I should be off the team.” But it wasn’t Gruden’s wife, it was Gruden's secret affair. The situation doesn’t end there either, oh no. According to Kapri, Gruden was jealous of this relationship: “Constantly dealing with him on a daily basis, it was kind of weird to see a grown man start acting differently towards me because of a woman who's not even his girlfriend. And the situation we had to deal with Alex (Smith)”, Bibbs said. That's right, Alex Smith. Alex was hit on a blitz play in 2018, which ended in him needing multiple surgeries because of a life-threatening injury to his leg. Apparently, this horrible incident wouldn't have occurred if there wasn’t a guy who “literally couldn’t pick up one of the most simple blitzes in the NFL” on the field instead of Kapri. The only reason that Kapri wasn’t was because of Gruden’s jealousy. Jay started taking Kapri’s field time away as a “punishment” of sorts. If it wasn’t for this punishment, could Alex's life-changing injury have been prevented? No one really knows, but what Kapri does know is where Jay went wrong. “He brought a personal problem onto the field, I hope he learned his lesson, and I think he did", Kapri finished with.

Dan Snyder addresses sexual harassment claims in org
Image Via: Alex Brandon, AP

The one thing the fans have yet to learn is if the owner, Dan Synder, had anything to do with all these allegations. Well, Bibbs has an answer for that, too: “Dan Synder comes with an arrogance that corrupts the whole building”, he later mentioned that "everything about Dan, to both the fans and players, reeks of unstable, horrible trouble." So far in Mr. Snyder’s career as an NFL owner, nothing successful has happened. Yes, his corrupt staff might be the main evil behind the harassments, but Dan is in no way an innocent man, as Bibbs did add that Mr. Snyder was in fact aware of what was occurring: “Dan absolutely knew about them.” In fact, it goes a lot farther than simply knowing about them. Kapri is “one hundred and ten percent” certain that Synder was involved in sexual activity at Redskins Park. Kapri's unraveling of the ethics of the organization did not end there, as he stated, “The Washington Redskins Organization as a whole needs an entire cleanse.” They are off to a good start, sure. But it starts at the top. And according to Bibbs, the top isn’t great, it's actually not good at all. “To tell you the truth, anybody who moves or talks like (Dan), who can’t handle diversity, being around women, can’t be around blacks people, should not be an owner”, Bibbs stated. He even went as far to say that “It’s affecting the team." Even though we don't know the details, Kapri claims there's a lot more dirty laundry that Dan’s hiding. 

For the fans sitting at home, there are no answers. Will Dan sell? What else is he hiding? Can there possibly be anything else? Only time will tell, but for now, #SellTheTeam. 

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