Founded in March of 2017, Catch the Blitz is an NFL Media company built with a vision of revolutionizing the way football is consumed. With technology changing the way sports are presented, CTB keeps fans connected to the game they love, ensuring they are always informed and engaged when it comes to the football world. The company was founded by Christian Catenacci and originally began as an Instagram platform which updated fans with NFL news. In 2018, Christian collaborated with childhood friend Thomas Pocrnic and the two worked on branching beyond the news world, aiming to create original content that NFL fans had not been previously exposed to. After slowly starting to gain traction, the duo began to more seriously pursue the idea. They eventually were able to transition into not just an Instagram account, but a media company across all social platforms, and debuted a website in July of 2020. Today, CTB has amassed over 85,000 devoted followers across all social media platforms. As the brand continues to grow, so does the motivation of the two owners, as they hope that everyone can feel the love for football that they do.


Christian Catenacci

Founder / Co-Owner

Born in Toronto, Canada, Christian adapted a life of sports long before he made his first steps. Growing up in a die-hard Dallas Cowboys family, he quickly adapted to the Sunday lifestyle in the Catenacci household. Early on in his career Christian was readily involved in a sports blog known as Jock Cult Sports, where he posted articles and hosted a weekly podcast known as “Cat’s Tuesdays.” As time went by, Christian became fascinated from the rise of a company we all know as, Bleacher Report. He studied their story and was devoted to start a brand of his own. In March of 2017, while brainstorming in a college statistics class, Christian stumbled across what seems to be the perfect name for a NFL blog, Catch The Blitz. Much like JCS, CTB originated as a platform for Christian to post his opinions, hot takes and host a podcast that would run every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5pm EST. With CTB’s early lifecycle not going to plan, Christian knew he needed another brain to the operation. In January of 2018, Thomas Pocrnic, a childhood friend of his, became a co-owner of Catch The Blitz. Together the two were able to rebrand, a once random sports blog with no direction, into a legitimate NFL Media Company. Christian and Thomas are dedicated to improving and growing CTB into a national brand.

Thomas Pocrnic


Born in Toronto, Canada, Thomas quickly became immersed in the world of sports media, storytelling, and discussion. He was introduced to the NFL at a young age, and it didn’t take long for him to become completely immersed in the action of football. He first began getting involved in NFL Media in high school after writing articles on a personal website. He later transitioned to podcasts - piloting and hosting numerous. Graphic design became a hobby when he began creating social media content for his podcast, which is where he was noticed by Christian Catenacci, a childhood friend. After being recruited by Christian in 2018 to assist with graphic design for Instagram posts, Thomas Pocrnic was made Co-Owner of CTB Media Co. after the two realized what a strong partnership they made. Since, he has been actively involved in content creation, graphic design work, and co-hosts two podcasts affiliated with Catch the Blitz. Thomas is actively working towards a degree in Sport Media at Ryerson University and hopes to continue on path to a career in the Sport Media world.