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Ethan Vassar
July 8, 2020

This offseason has seen seven teams - the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, and Indianapolis Colts - make changes to their uniforms. Changes ranged from complete overalls of the previous design, to slight alterations, to blasts from the past with a modern twist. However, despite almost a fourth of the league changing up their Sunday best, there are still a few teams who could do with an upgrade.

Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray clapping snap becoming an issue with NFL refs ...
Image Via: Ralph Freso Associated Press

The last time the Cardinals updated their uniforms, Kyler Murray was eight years old. Arizona is one of the last teams in the league that still use the old Reebok template for their uniforms, and with Nike being the NFL's jersey supplier since 2012 it's a wonder they haven't changed. Aside from the helmet, the rest of the Cardinal's uniforms just scream mid-2000s. There are small black lines outlining bits of the jersey that just don't need to be there and equally unnecessary random splotches of white by the armpit area. The pants are fine, the helmet is ok, but ultimately the whole look is just outdated. For potential changes, I would love to see the sunset depicted on the Arizona state flag make a return to the jerseys and the introduction of some more colors like copper or turquoise that give off a desert vibe. Though the helmet doesn't really need to be changed, it would be cool to see a white or red facemask as opposed to the current grey one.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon breaks away from Baltimore Ravens cornerback Anthony Averett during the fourth quarter at Paul Brown Stadium.
Image Via: Joe Maiorana / USA Today Sports

Like Arizona, the Bengals are still rocking with a Reebok jersey template despite the fact Nike has been the league's jersey provider for the last 8 years (and now until 2028). Cincinnati has one of the coolest helmets in the league but their jerseys just don't do their helmet justice. The orange on the jerseys looks a little lighter than the orange on the helmet, the Bengal stripes are poorly utilized, and on the side of the uniform, coming down from the armpit is a thick white stripe for some reason. There's just way too much going on. The Bengals have been needing an update for a while, and with the franchise going in a new direction with head coach Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow under center, there's no better time than the present. The Bengals do, however, have one of the best color rush unis in the league and any changes should be done in a similar fashion to the Patriots who essentially made their color rush jerseys their primary ones.

Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson 'excited' about new weapons on offense ...
Image Via: Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle

Everything about the Texans, from the downright uninspired name, to the team's playoff history, to the jerseys, is just bland. Meh. Dull. It goes without saying that red, white, and blue is an overused color combo in the NFL, and really all sport. The Texans would be doing themselves a huge favor by straying away from the combo a little. Now that the Titans have moved away from using light blue as a primary color, the Texans could adopt a Houston Oilers vibe that would be a sure hit with fans. Another direction the team could go in would take inspiration from Texas' history with cattle ranching, adopting a orange, brown, beige and white color scheme. Although it may sound unappealing, in concept it looks great. Really Houston just needs to do something to make them stand out from the myriad of other sports teams with red, white, and blue uniforms.

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